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About Me

About me


Boris Bershadsky



(647) 886-7260

Date of birth:



Toronto, Canada


Russian Canadian Citizen

I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of Web Application development of all scales, including informational Wordpress sites, complex E-commerce deployments, and Reactive mobile-first Custom Business Web Applications

Strong background in I.T administration, Remote support, Information systems integration, and web graphic design.

What I can do for you



Web Application Development

Creating mobile and desktop web applications for you. Utilizing only the most reliable, secure, and fastest open source libraries on the internet. You deserve an easy to use web application to speed up your business workflow and eliminate double entry. You need a real-time notification system, don't spend time refreshing your inbox while on the phone

IoT Product Development

Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things to create a marketable and scalable product for your target audience. Getting you faster to release day by using low cost + efficient development boards along with 3D printed enclosures for a stunning and functional product. Companion apps are always an option for Android and iPhone

I.T Infrastructure and Support

You can have peace of mind with priority support for all your technology integration needs. Secure remote support is only a phone call away.

I specialize in security auditing and Cloud/Local file sharing. Fine tune access control for your team and work remotely from any device with ease.
Providing you with same-day hardware and software support for all your business needs. Automate your business daily workflow with specialized programs and services

UI/UX Design

Working directly with you to build the web site of your dreams. Professionally designed interactive websites and a mobile-first responsive design. I can translate your designs into a functional and lighting fast web page. Specializing in:

• Business Informational Websites
• Personalized E-Commerce store
• Stunning personal portfolio pages
• Optimizing existing websites
• Multi language online businesses

My Work Experience



Experience :


Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

Senior Full Stack Embedded Developer

• Designed and developed embedded firmware, drivers, applications for TI CC2642 and NRF52832
• Implemented OTA (Over the Air) software updates for mass distribution of sensor population
• Created end to end testing environment and implemented secure multi-user dashboard with Raspberry Pi 4 + Grafana + PostreSQL + InfluxDB to monitor dozens of sensors in real-time
• Developed internal sensor inventory tracking tool with Rails, PostreSQL, Python + Flask and integrated sensor data into development staging environment

1Place Business Solutions

2017 to present

Information Systems Integration

Creating custom real-time Web Applications for businesses of all sizes. Live integration of Customer data, Calendars, Cloud files (public and private), Inventory, Website, and Point of Sale data.

Sensor Breath

Nov 2016 to Jan 2018

Chief Product Developer

• Designed and developed a comprehensive system to analyze, graph, record, and backup real-time sensor data for a 16bit ADC MCU based on Teensy 3.2 and Raspberry Pi using C++, Python,, and MongoDB
• Built and tested a portable ”Intelligent Hot Plate” with mobile remote control of temperatures between -4C to +60C with 0.25 degree precision using RTD, 2P2T relays, peltier module, voltage boost converter, and ESP32 NodeMCU
• Created a tiny live view client with, React, Meteor, and MongoDB

Daisy Intelligence


Full Stack PHP Web Developer

• Team lead for developing and provided production support for secure client facing web portals (Insurance + Retail) with DB2 Backend for several big clients (Walmart, Giant Tiger, Earth Fare, Staples, Empire Life, Northwest Co.) to fully automate client data delivery process
• Created an Internal Admin Portal to fully automate project management deadlines and easy CRUD functionality of all web portal users: logging, input filtering, and managed 100+ user accounts to offer management a dashboard ”pulse” of scheduled client deliverables
• Implemented LAMP stack with Gitlab on CentOS 7 and provided all employees with a training session outlining Git philosophy + best coding practices

Education :

Seneca College @ York University


Computer Programmer Diploma

Nvidia CUDA / OpenCL & Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Database & Web Technology, Security, Communications Networks

Ryerson University


Candidate for Bachelor of Technology

Graphic Design and Business Management

I am good at

My Skills

My Skills

My Professional Strengths

“Passionate and efficient learner striving to build revolutionary mobile ready Web Applications”

Effective understanding of Software Development coding standards and security practices

Strong experience with Linux, Windows, network administration, and security testing

Exceptional communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration skills

Resourceful and takes initiative with complex projects under minimal supervision

Language skills






My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

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